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  1. Hae14

    Droid Nautical Life

    is the Achievement "Trophy Collector" The One Where U Buy The Things(Trophies ~I Guess) on The islands???
  2. JoseskVolpe

    forum gamercard

    ¿How do i make all my posts on the forum show my gamercard? :v
  3. MemeticMaxfield

    PSN hidden games & trophies are visable

    For context: I have hidden trophy lists from a handful of games that were attributed to my PSN ID, which happened because a number of people other than myself played their own games on my PlayStation systems without my profile/user being logged out of properly. I hid these trophy lists not only...
  4. J

    Xbox Account not linking

    Just created an account linked my xbox account but nothing appears... no games, no achievements... and when i input my gamertag, it wont recognise it??
  5. Jordyn2209

    Steam not displaying in gamecard even though linked & public

    Hey, was wondering if anyone knows why my steam wont show, I just changed my profile an hour ago to public but it still doesn't show. TY
  6. Rain.

    Droid Gravity Marsh - Celebrate! Achievement

    Game called Gravity Marsh has one achievement that seems unobtainable, but what i've seen on the leaderboards many people obtained it. I got past level 1-10 and have almost all achievements, the only one i'm missing is Celebrate! achievement which you can get by winning the game. Though level 11...
  7. Sanjoe

    Hidden games are still displayed in total games count...

    Hi there, As far as I've noticed correctly, my hidden games are still displayed in total games count. I am also signed up for TrueAchievements and it only shows 317 games there and as far as I know is this number correct. Here on Exophase i hide BETA`s or games that I once started only briefly...
  8. Sanjoe

    Can`t add manually time for games i played...

    I cant add manually time for games i played. Everytime i type in my value i click on save and everything is fine. If i refresh the site the old time still showed and no change i did is there.
  9. D


    Would anybody be willing to help me with the titles. Only have the win 50 online and im all done, its dead online 😅
  10. Zoelda

    Dream Daddy 100%?

    I've gotten every achievement except 'Escape the Margarita Zone', and every site I've been on tells me it's bugged. However, I've seen that some people on here have unlocked it - can anyone help me? Thanks
  11. O

    ONE Rush

    Say It with Rockets Open all boxes with rockets in the “Daycare Dash” episode, alone or with a friend. I am asking for help, which are rocket boxes? I opened all the yellow, if it does not go :)
  12. boyflea

    PC Super Dungeon Master: looking for help, please

    Hi, http://store.steampowered.com/app/717190/Super_Dungeon_Master/ ...is now available. It is free, but requires feedback to help make it better. Interested? All feedback welcome, commentators will be credited [and may even get to feature in-game*] *asterisk. [Apologies if this is spam for...
  13. RhesusOC

    The Invisible Hours - Help!!!

    Looking for some help in locating 2 diaries, 1 newspaper, the medium trophy, the best friend trophy, and Room Service Trophy.
  14. JosPlays

    Bug - Recent Forum Activity all lead to same post

    On my profile https://www.exophase.com/user/JosPlays/ my recent forum activity all lead to the same post. It's a little bit weird, is it just me, or do other people also encounter this problem?
  15. bramotheking

    Help With The Division trophy

    Is there someone who wants to help me get the darkzone trophy of Division on the PS4 ¿? It is about the I am the LAW! Kill 20 Rogue Agents. If you can help i ofcourse to the same back. Send me a message of you are interested. I am a Dutch gamer. But english is also possible. Bramotheking
  16. bramotheking

    Looking for a game partner PS3 & PS4

    Hey all, I am bramotheking and i am looking for a (Dutch) game partner. Someone who wants to help me get some achievements that you can get with 2 persons or more. I have a couple of games that i would like to play with other people. Now i am not an super active gamer but a couple evenings in...