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2.71 Downgrade Guide


New Member
Im running version 3.93

Hi IM TRYIN TO DOWNGRADE MY PSP SO I CAN RUN RUN CRACKED SOFTWARE. my psp is running version 3.93 tried lookin for the ic number but cant really see it :confused1: its blocked by the umd disc tray. well i've tried both of the downgraders i've done it properly i think coz it comes up with the on the game m/s update x.yz logo it said "The game could not be started. with an error code! would this be coz the version is to new? will there be a downgrader soon?

thanks jason:biggrin:


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I'VE GOT ofw 3.95 and i am a total noob who doeasnt seem to get anything about CFW and all related stff can some1 help, when i try to do it i dont get anywhere but an error message so i have deleted all the CFW files and have tried again and i'm stil confused