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2.71 (ta-082 and ta-086) Downgrader {Release} Corruption free ~


Changing Idstorage and Downgrading always runs the risk something goes wrong and bricks your psp. Use of these files , requires that you accept those risk, and understand you do so at your own risk.
Special thanks to Chilly Willy for taking the time to code this :)

Release notes

The files here were designed to downgrade a 2.71 ta-082, or ta-086. The included 1.5 Enabler is the latest as of 03/11/07. 1.5 enabler does NOT corrupt any keys other then necessary to run the 1.5 FW. It is also easily reversed if you choose not to run Custom Firmware any more. (This requires another file just to keep it safe for the newbies) The source files for 1.5 enabler are included.

Quote from the readme:

This tutorial is only for Ta-082 or Ta-086 2.71 downgrading to firmware 1.5.

Use this at your own risk. Its always possible
to break your psp.

To verify you have a Ta-082 or Ta-086 see the picture below.
View attachment 61


Remove your umd while downgrading.
Donot power off During downgrade!

Donot use fake memory cards to downgrade or upgrade see link below to identify fakes.


Note: If at some point your screen goes black for more then a few seconds Hit the brightness key gently a few times. Be careful not to bump the power or other buttons. In some cases the brightness goes to off.

1. Before you start, format your memory stick and reset your default settings.
A. Format MS by going to System , Format Memory Stick. press X
B. Push down to restore Factory Settings

2.Create a USB connection between your PSP and computer.

3. Download the official Sony 1.50 eboot and rename it to UPDATE.PBP, and put it in the MSroot/PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder of this download with the name of UPDATE.PBP
official Sony 1.5 eboot ** http://www.psp-hacks.com/category/43

4.Copy the contents of the MS_root folder to your memory stick root, click yes to overwrite. Do not put the readme on the psp.

5. Run HEN-D if you are not already running it.
Simply goto photo and try to display rand. The psp should very briefly display a green screen. If it displays a red screen try again. Once you get a green screen proceed. (note rebooting your psp deactivates hend)

6. Execute the 1.5 enabler on the PSP. It needs 75% battery. It will verify/make your psp able to run 1.5 and enable downgrading the TA-082 or TA-086 PSP.
**note 1.5 enabler will tell you if you can run 1.5 or not... if it says you cannot press x to alter keys, donot continue till it says your settings will run 1.5

7. The program will exit to the XMB. Now run the generic downgrade, which will show in the XMB as “Update X.Yz” on the PSP.

8. The generic downgrader will also need 75% battery. IT will downgrade your PSP to 1.50.

9. At the end, it will ask you to press X to restart the PSP. Do it.

10. If all went fine, you’ll receive a blue screen telling you to press O. Do it, and re-enter your settings. Welcome to 1.50.

TA-082 downgrader by Dark_AleX/Mathieulh/Harleyg
1.5enabler by Chilly Willy
Original readme's adapted by XsavioR
photo thanks to Calo edited for content
proof of concept: Stapol, Vad

View attachment 83

Other Downgrades
3.03 downgrade http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=981
2.80 downgrade http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=980
2.71 downgrade http://forums.exophase.com/showthread.php?t=858


On the other boards there is confusion... This is NOT an idstorage fixer for people who ALREADY ran an "idchanger" app. This is to save the new people the hassle of even knowing what idstorage is,, because this doesnt break any thing. it replaces ALL 2.71 downgrader/idchanger packages.


It corrects IDstorage brightness issues.. NOT board specific issues.
Thats a trick question. Theres 2 seprate brightness issues, weather or not you have this issue after words depends on which of the two issues your refeering. KEEP READING THIS DOES NOT FIX ANY THING IT AVOIDS THE ISSUE>>>

This iliminates corrupted keys from the first generation of idstorage patcher.
it does NOT fix psp that have already run idstorage patcher originally distributed with the 2.71 downgrade. It is ONLY for new users to avoid the idstorage issues. As this combines all reseach into idstorage.

This package also includes the 2.71 downgrader AND hend ... it is ONLY meant for 2.71 . And is ONLY meant for new people who still need to downgrade. There are other apps for those who have already run idpatcher , THIS IS NOT FOR THOSE PEOPLE . Please post the issue your having in the help section and we will be happy to direct you.

Bon Scott

New Member
Thanks alot XsavioR for your explanation. I could figure out how important this new release is. Mainly for the new users. Does it also take care about USBHOSTFS issue?


None of those issues will apply to new users who downgrade using 1.5 enable.

And for users with issues from the old idstorage changers , A new fixxer will soon be about.
sit tight for now , we wanted to fix the source of the problem first.


New Member
not a good idea

Umm... there is already a fixer out.

In fact it was already on qj.net, and it already does the "virgin" ta082/086 downgrade.

I'll leave the copiers to figure out what it is :mad:


Codes this is actually made from the work you were involved with.... (also from the thread)
if there is a fixxer released post a link...
When you guys posted that
a you were "not having any thing to do with stapol"
and b. stapol hadnt planned to continue.
Chilly Willy was nice enough to clean up and continue work.

If there is a fix released then post it... it would save alot of work...

more research done:
Ok its basically true, yesterday a fixxer was released with an unknown ta-082 set of keys ( it happens to be illegal to include keys).... Which is a *possible* fix , but if used on a ta-086 after using idstorage patcher it could still lead to new corruption. I see no use for this new fixer for new users with the ability to not corrupt the idstorage in the first place (1.5 enabler) . No use i mean for NEW users who are fortunate enough to find a downgrader with the new method to begin with.

The dates speak for them selves I got nothing more to say.


New Member
wow... you were refering to this program...
you might want to recheck your time zone settings mate.

in anycase, my program ALSO had done the new only-corrupt-key-5 method, might want to actualy look at the source code ;)

as for illegal files, they are not, particularly because they aren't dumps of the key.
the arrays can be used to create them, but they are not them. For more enlightening info, you may want to review the source code of the devhook installer 0.6f (hint:audio prx) and harleyg's idstorage documentation


In addition, i said that to stapol just cause he was continuing his ranting (and i continuing my silent grumpiness). He soon stopped, and that statement was then retracted by me (as i was over my grumpiness as well).


dude its plain to see that Chilly has been working on this since that point (when you disowned stapol and he frustratedly released his code announcing he stopped), and developed his own code after dealing with your guys mess.

The simple truth is your spamming ALL boards as fast as you can , and we've posted links to the truth. We have more work to do to finish what we set out to do ,,, for the comunity... Hence our reply to such post will Cease.

YOur app is great , which is the same thing i told Chilly over a week ago about his compilation of His isresetv7, and IDSM . Its not what we need to fix the problem. Its too complicated because of the FACT if the IDSTORAGE is Changed in a simple manner from the start you dont NEED to be able to do ANY thing BUT enable 1.5. Thus it was never released.

What needs to be done now that 1.5 enabler is here... Is to tend to the poor folks scratching their heads now wondering what do i do i already ran idChanger distributed in the current tutorials. Change said tutorials.... And service the folks with remaining issues.

Rather then responding to Glory wars .... we will continue to eliminate the issue , in the most logical method considering all we care about is fixing psp's and crediting the people who really make it possible.... ie D_A and the rest ( keeping the list short intentionally)

The problem is the mods i know were aware of this post being made almost 4 days b4 it was made. I can say this for sure because I asked permission to do the release here first, and then lagged behind ( because i took my time proofreading the post). It was known DAYS b4 the post was finally made.

Back to work now...
Do something constructive and adapt the driver modification you did , into a similar package for 3.03 DG. No frills, just the bit swap enabling .


Ok keep in mind im still researching for a complete post... But in 2 and a half minutes within seeing this request,, and to be updated.

The basis for this , is an ongoing project , heres some links to key points in the evolution of the whole subject. These are in past to present order , as im just going threw 90 page posts.

original idstorage thread

Harleyg's opinion of the code being devised

Stapol quiting his efforts as you flamed him on other boards(think you deleted that post)

Chilly Willy first looks at the code

Stapol reconfirming not to expect any thing from him

Chilly Willy giving stapol a chance to continue after fixing the code a bit.

The real reason Chilly began releasing any thing at all

The first release in a string of edits to stapols code.

The first MAJOR change to stapols code

Chilly willy yet again refining the code

Chilly finally admitting he got as far as the code would go and needed to start over

Chilly outlining how to fix psp with his edits

The REAL issue is identified

Chilly releases revisions for 2.80 - 3.03

I guess we know where you got your "general" part of your title

Did i mention Vad was usefull ?

Chilly relizes the concept behind 1.5 enable and posts it.
03/04 chilly releases 1.5 enabler concept package

Chillys master release post (hidden)

First test of 1.5 enabler concept

As you and every one else can see .... The dates speak for them selves. your release was 3/10 i believe.


New Member
After going through that long and tedious thread
(a thing a had never bothered with before)
I see that you are right in stating that he did release a similar app before me.

In any case, the last post could have done with out accusations
(and should relize that this was not what got me angry with stapol, in fact it was much after the posts you mention), but in any case, you are correct my release was on 3/10, where his preliminary code was out on 3/4.

Not that i see it as mattering anymore. I now see my main anger was due to the fact that many did not understand that my program had the same functionality, as it was strangly portrayed on qj. (Note to self: ignore qj ;) )


New Member
I have just used your flash on my new PSP 2.71 TA-082, worked liked a cham.

Just wanted to say thanks to all that have made this happen ;)


New Member

i followed your steps upto running the 1.5updater. But when I run the 1.5updater, A message shows up that says:

Current key 5 first longword id 0x436c6b67.
1.50 will not run on a TA-082/86 PSP with this setting.
Press x to alter the key, press o to exit.

Now I'm stuck, What should I do??? HELP!
Thanks in advance...