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Achievements Review - DNF DUEL ( Epic Games )



It's been a long time , Now we're ready for 2024

We will start the year with DNF DUEL

DNF Duel is a combat video game co-developed by Arc System Works, Eighting and Neople, and published by Nexon.
It was offered by Epic games on 20th of december 2023
It was my first experience with a fighting game, so I didn't have any expectations. I played for a few hours and then decided to uninstall it. However, the temptation to achieve a 100% completion and learn how fighting games work was too strong for me.

This is how my descent into madness began.
I won't discuss the pros and cons of the game since my opinion may be biased due to my lack of experience with this genre of games.

The game have 4 type of achievements.
Arcade/Survival Mode
1. Part : History.

The history of DNF Duel seems more like a pretext to engage players in combat with others. The dialogues are unskippable, making the narrative unnecessarily lengthy and, for the most part, not enjoyable.

Now, envision having to go through the same story 16 times (once with each character). This doesn't add to the fun factor; instead, it feels like a forced way to encourage players to use every character and test them out.

2.Part : Arcade / Survival Mode

Arcade mode
is precisely what you'd expect—going through 8 rounds and facing numerous fighters. Completing this will earn you two achievements
Survival mode is similar to Arcade mode, but here you have to choose between 15, 30, or 100 fights. You must complete all three, making it quite tedious and time-consuming.

3.Part : Multiplayer
If you're yearning for more grinding, get ready for the challenge of participating in 300 online matches. Winning just one of these battles unlocks an additional achievement.

4.Part : Miscelanous
Get ready for an even more extensive grind! Now, you must master all combos and challenges for a single character. Additionally, purchasing every item in the shop with in-game gold becomes a time-consuming endeavor.

To add to the challenge, engage in 10 battles with each fighter in the game, accumulating a grand total of 160 combats. This demanding task is a crucial step in your journey.

In summary, DNF Duel serves as an excellent entry point for those new to the fighting game genre. However, the drawbacks lie in the less-than-appealing achievements and a story that leaves much to be desired.

Where to buy it and how much ?
: 50$ and grant 10026 Exophase points.
PS5 :
50$ / Game Pass and grant 2110 Exophase points.
PS4 :
50$ / Playstation Extra and grant 2292 Exophase Points.
Epic : 50$
and grant 4962 Exophase Points.
Switch : 50$ and have no achievements.
DNF DUEL don't have badges
Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog / Review.