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  1. agentfufu

    Music in Videogames

    Hey there, fellow gamers! Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with as much love as your backlog of unfinished games! Today, let's take a chill stroll through the world of video game music. Seriously, if music is a time machine, then video game soundtracks are like those cozy old couches that...
  2. agentfufu

    Achievements Review - DNF DUEL ( Epic Games )

    It's been a long time , Now we're ready for 2024 We will start the year with DNF DUEL DNF Duel is a combat video game co-developed by Arc System Works, Eighting and Neople, and published by Nexon. It was offered by Epic games on 20th of december 2023 It was my first experience with a fighting...
  3. agentfufu

    Celeste Achievments review + badges

    Once again friends,we finished a game with all their achievements , this time its the turn of Celeste. Celeste is a platformer made by Extremely Okay Games and published by Maddy Makes Games, Creators of Tower Fall. Celeste is an indie platformer featuring Madeline's journey up Celeste...
  4. agentfufu

    (Video) Black Mesa Achievement Review !

    Oh my... i have finally finish this video, i'll leave the link here for you to watch it , the following text is just the process and feeling i got while doing the video. First , i would like to thanks all the people who gaved me feedbacks while doing the montage ,it would have been worse...
  5. agentfufu

    Blanc Review + Achievement

    Hello and welcome to another exciting game review and its impressive achievements! I'm thrilled to share with you my latest gaming experience, as I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary with my girlfriend by purchasing an amazing indie cooperative game. After hearing about it on a podcast and...
  6. agentfufu

    Severed Steel Review + Achievements

    After waiting for months for the developer to fix the achievements, I finally finished Severed Steel and can now write this review. Let's dive into the subject. Severed Steel is a game about Steel, a highly skilled operative who is tasked with taking down a powerful criminal organization. The...