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  1. S

    Achievements on GoG

    Hello, it's my first post. I recently bought the game Demetrios on Gog and when I loaded the game all the achievements appeared one after the other, that's because I had already completed it on Steam and I didn't delete the saved game from my computer. Now in my Gog profile it says that I have...
  2. agentfufu

    Achievements Review - DNF DUEL ( Epic Games )

    It's been a long time , Now we're ready for 2024 We will start the year with DNF DUEL DNF Duel is a combat video game co-developed by Arc System Works, Eighting and Neople, and published by Nexon. It was offered by Epic games on 20th of december 2023 It was my first experience with a fighting...
  3. IntensoFOX

    Steam Profile Awards - Question

    I have seen this section on my Steam profile, I received some awards, see ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/IntensoFOX/awards/ ), but it does not appear on my profile. How to insert this section to complete the profile view? See the example at...
  4. S

    Paper Wings Achievements

    Hi everyone! I've known this game for years, and I absolutely love it. However, there's this one achievement, Kamikaze, that's almost impossible to get, I got a tip to use a bird that accelerates (the falcon) and it worked! But I'm wondering if any of you have any tips on how to do it without...
  5. L

    Dan the man: Ayuda para conseguir a barry y el logro "Dude, Where's My Jetpack?"

    Hola, ya terminé el juego dan the man hacé unos meses, he descubierto como obtener el logro numero 39 que requiere ayuda de 5 jugadores nuevos de una manera más sencilla, yo puedo ayudar a cualquiera que lo necesite junto a otros usuarios de exophase y miembros de los grupos de dan the man...
  6. L

    ¿Los logros pierden o ganan valor con el tiempo?

    Pensé en ayudar a un grupo de jugadores con un logro que es muy difícil de obtener solo, pero mi pregunta es si al hacerlo el logro perderá su valor de raro o su puntuación y exp de exophase. También si a los jugadores que adquirieron un logro raro se les reduce o aumenta el exp cuando este...
  7. agentfufu

    (Video) Black Mesa Achievement Review !

    Oh my... i have finally finish this video, i'll leave the link here for you to watch it , the following text is just the process and feeling i got while doing the video. First , i would like to thanks all the people who gaved me feedbacks while doing the montage ,it would have been worse...
  8. agentfufu

    Severed Steel Review + Achievements

    After waiting for months for the developer to fix the achievements, I finally finished Severed Steel and can now write this review. Let's dive into the subject. Severed Steel is a game about Steel, a highly skilled operative who is tasked with taking down a powerful criminal organization. The...
  9. TheAndromedaCat

    PC Far Cry 4 on Ubisoft Connect/Uplay has achievements but they don't show up on Exophase

  10. citizencr4

    Is it no longer possible to see games sorted by players for the lesser used platforms? (gaming on Windows)

    I noticed you cleaned up the list of platforms/consoles on the game search, so is it no longer possible for people to view the most played games on lesser platforms/consoles like "Windows 10" ? I only see options now for "PSN, XBOX, STEAM, ORIGIN, BLIZZARD, RETRO, GOOGLE PLAY, GOG, UBISOFT...
  11. Mr.LightSite

    Overwatch Achievement Boosting

    Would anyone be interested in boosting achievements in Overwatch for PC?
  12. Jamanam

    Deleting Xbox achievements

    Hello there. Long story short, my Xbox account was hacked about 10 years ago, in the time I didn't have it, the guy modded my account to give 100% achievements to a ton of games. I've had my account back for a long time but Xbox won't/can't remove those achievements. I want to sync my account...
  13. Jamanam

    Steam not syncing correct amount of achievements.

    Hello there. Been on Exophase for a few months now, but since I signed up and synced Steam I've had an issue which has been bugging me I haven't been able to figure out. Whilst Steam says I have 1629 achievements, Exophase is displaying 1611. I've trawled through my Steam and I haven't been able...
  14. PurpleShadow

    Achievements page cannot load anything other than the first default page

    As stated in the title, the first https://www.exophase.com/user/PurpleShadow/awards/ page loads just fine, and I can change the view from detailed to icons only, but if try to filter it by platform or go to page 2 it gets stuck darkened as if infinitely loading. I tried looking at the console to...
  15. YouGotHitByGunner

    Multi Completions/Milestones

    Share your newly completed games or milestones with the rest of us! Doesn't have to be trackable either. You can also use this thread to discuss!
  16. YouGotHitByGunner

    Multi Gunner's Personal Challenge

    One year ago, I've started a personal challenge called "Complete my friends" with my best buds @Anorak97 and @MuckPie. In order to convince myself to play/enjoy games they've previously recommended to me, we build spreadsheets with their full completions progress and I'm marking it as we go. The...
  17. IntensoFOX

    Critical question about the achievements and trophies of the same game on different platforms and devices!!!

    With the existence of several platforms and various devices, from the oldest to the new ones that emerge, the games, when achieving the achievements and trophies, prefer that they only manage to the same game, starting over again on each different platform and device , or if you achieve an...
  18. YouGotHitByGunner

    Multi Cross-platform Community

    We're a friendly and active cross-platform achievement hunting community, that welcomes any type of achievement hunters to join our ranks. Doesn't matter on which platform you play. Our requirement is to be respectful and friendly. Here, you can talk about your favorite achievements, destroy...
  19. S

    World of Warcraft Guild Achievements

    What i need to do so that guild achievements show up on my profile?
  20. C

    How do I check my total earned exp & steam leaderboard ranking?

    When I look at other users profiles, I can see their total earned exp and a global ranking, but I can't see them on my own profile. I also can't find myself on the steam leaderboard when I search my name. I'm thinking it could just be because I'm a brand new account.. or am I marked as a cheater...