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Droid [Dead Effect] ¿How to unlock this achievement?


New Member
I'm trying to obtain these achievements with the description: "You completed the mission in the specified time limit on harder difficulty.". But, even in Hell difficulty, completing the survival mode, i cqn't get them in any map, i alreafy tried playing in fewer difficulty first to play after on higher, but i can't get any of these achievements.


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On truth, it's also a PC game and it's avaiable on Steam lol
But i'm playing the mobile version and these achievements on specific is not in PC version
I knew it was on steam lol😂 I think I may have it on steam hence why I thought it was there to begin with. But yea contact or send a message ti the developers that would be your best bet. Especially if you spent any money within or on the game. Good luck bud :cool:👍