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Favourite TV Show?


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I'm a big fan of most of the HBO and Showtime series. Here's a quick list of the things I've watched recently that I enjoyed, and yes I know there are some old series on here.

True Blood
The Shield
Sons of Anarchy
The Wire

The only real sitcom I watch is Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Probably my all time favorite is The Shield. The last season that just concluded with the series finale is off the charts good. From the first season to where it ended, that show went in a ton of different directions.
The Sopranos is simply a masterpiece, not much else to be said there. I watched all the seasons with my Father in about a week.
I have been watching The Shield for about two months now and I prefer The Wire, but I still enjoy it. Got given the first series for free by a friends Dad that didn't like it... so it's all good there. :D

I like your taste in TV, Abe. And yeah, HBO do some very good TV.


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I watched the first series of Six Feet Under when I was younger... probably not the best TV for a child that age. :p I enjoyed it though, but haven't ever gone back to it. What season is it on now?

Abe Froeman

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I watched the first series of Six Feet Under when I was younger... probably not the best TV for a child that age. :p I enjoyed it though, but haven't ever gone back to it. What season is it on now?

It ended like 3 or 4 years ago, but it was probably the only TV show that my wife and I both enjoyed and could watch together for the whole show. Most of the time when I try to watch what she does, I wind up leaving the room after 5 minutes because it's so bad. (Reality TV, Celebrity Gossip, dumb shit like Gray's Anatomy, etc.)


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Right now I watching..
Gossip Girl
My Own Worst Enemy
The Big Bang Theory..
Britannia High
Might even start watching Testees.

Tho I have well over 350 gb worth of tv shows on my old hardrive....That I watch on my ps3..

Here also the outdated list on my facebook..

24, About a Girl, American Dad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Attack Of The Show, Big Bang Theory, Californication, Family Guy, Firefly, Futurama, Gossip Girl, Greek, Heroes, House, How not to Live your Life, In Plain Sight, Jericho, Lab Rats, Monk, Moonlight, Power Rangers, Psych, South Park, South Of Nowhere, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, The IT Crowd, The Simpsons, The Universe, The War At Home, What I Like About You, Who Wants To Be A Superhero, X-Play


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I know...

I really miss jericho.....


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Californication (abe you ought to check this out if you like showtime stuff)
House (sometimes its good, sometimes....it sucks)
Always Sunny in Philadelphia (great show :D)

those are the only one's i watch when i wanna watch something with a plotline

if im just bored and scanning through channels i will watch futurama, family guy, southpark, ect


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House is my favorite show, and the only one I watch consistently. The Office is my second, though I just download the episodes for it.


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I'd say Dexter. Season 3 was probably the best slice of TV I have ever seen.

of the ones you have, im torn between house and scrubs

depends on my mood: comedy, or mystery-ish


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I can't believe nobody mentioned Seinfeld. That's my favorite show of all time because it is about nothing.


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Heroes and Prison Break. OT, my friends uncle is the writer of Big Bang Theory.


30 Rock, or Venture Brothers is my favorite show.

Futurama if you count the movies as new episodes.


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I like a lot of TV shows but i barely watch TV anymore..
here's what i remember was good TV (for me)

The Screen Savers
Colbert Report (sometimes its stupid)


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Out of this list Heroes would be my favorite.
Prison Break would be next, but it seems to be going nowhere now.

Another show I love that's not listed is Chuck. One of my favorite nerd shows