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Multi Games that you are playing now or just recently finished


I just finished a full game on CIV VI with the newish expansion. In many ways it's still a step back from CIV V in my opinion but it also introduced a lot of new things, culture is a lot more fun to play and I do believe by the next expansion I'll be retiring from V and make this my main CIV.
I’ve never played any of those Civilization games. Not a big PC gamer since the 90’s into the early 2000’s...the last PC game I really played was Diablo 2, I got Cuphead but for the life of me I’m not coordinated enough to use the keyboard controls. But I do like the concept of those Civ games, Empire building and strategy warfare, I just don’t have the patience or skill with understanding how to use the keyboard.


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Currently working on STORIES: THE PATH OF DESTINIES. Fun game, got it for free on Steam last weekend and decided to pick it up on PS4. Huge ass grind however, but easy plat I guess.

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Οne week ago completed Remothered Tormented Fathers. One of the best survival horror games ever, because of it's plot too.
The last weeks farming items on Nioh at the abyss on 999 floors. Found one precious +139 and will go for another one.


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Currently playing Quantum Break and I love it! I only got it as a gift, but if I had known it was like this I would have bought it a long time ago.

I also need to continue Beholder 2. I'm 6 hours in, I ran into a bug on release date and since then the game received its first update. But I didn't feel like going back yet.

I'm also messing around with House Party. It's very dumb, but also fun. I want to get 100% achievements, but I'm not sure I can.

The last game I beat is Dead in Bermuda. I would 100% it if the romance achievement weren't so random and tedious.

The last game I comleted is The Council. Crazy game, not always in a good way, but very easy to complete as well.

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After many months I've dived back into Mirror's Edge Catalyst. I've finished the story and sidequests so I'm now trying to find all of the collectables. I'm having a ton of fun navigating the environment and trying to move "fluidly" around it. Worth a play if you enjoyed the original.


Currently playing My Hero: One's Justice and loving it!
Personally I hate fighting games but I'm such a huge fan of the show that it initially helped me in my decision to buy it and there are so many different modes to play that it keeps it interesting and fun. And thankfully the 3 online trophies are for simply playing in the online mode and not having to win or do some crazy difficult shit like the Injustice, MvC, or Mortal Kombat games. That said, my current 1W and 19L record for online matches is more than a little disappointing, but I am making progress.

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I'm currently finishing up Fernz Gate on the Xbox one (completed the main story just trying to wrap up the last few achievements and side quest). Playing Soul Calibur 6 on the xbox one here and there (making created characters and working on the story) along with Realm Royal on ps4 (mainly play with 2 friends of mine when they are available and working on the trophies) and been playing Fornite.....the story mode not the dam battle royal going for the plat.