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Multi Games that you are playing now or just recently finished

I just finished a full game on CIV VI with the newish expansion. In many ways it's still a step back from CIV V in my opinion but it also introduced a lot of new things, culture is a lot more fun to play and I do believe by the next expansion I'll be retiring from V and make this my main CIV.
I’ve never played any of those Civilization games. Not a big PC gamer since the 90’s into the early 2000’s...the last PC game I really played was Diablo 2, I got Cuphead but for the life of me I’m not coordinated enough to use the keyboard controls. But I do like the concept of those Civ games, Empire building and strategy warfare, I just don’t have the patience or skill with understanding how to use the keyboard.
Currently working on STORIES: THE PATH OF DESTINIES. Fun game, got it for free on Steam last weekend and decided to pick it up on PS4. Huge ass grind however, but easy plat I guess.