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[GUIDE] Installing Custom Firmware Enabler


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What is it?

-It is a homebrew application that is designed to activate M33 (Custom firmware) functions on PSP's using ChickHEN R2 or higher

What you need to use it

-A PSP 2000 (only a 2k at the moment including TA-88v3)

-Official Firmware 5.03 (only this one)

-ChickHEN R2 or higher

-Computer (file transfer)

-Memory Card (for PSP)

What it can do

-Anything you can do on CFW 5.00 M33-6

This mean it can...

-Load ISO's (you should own the original game)

-Have plugins

-Load Homebrew

-Have CXMB's


-It can play PSX games if you enable the popsloader plugin (google search)

-Except it can't access Recovery menu

How to install

Download the package from (Click Here)
UPDATED with 2.50
Unzip, go into the folder created, into the PSP folder, Into the Game folder and you should see a folder called CFWEnabler

Copy that folder into ms0:/PSP/GAME/

On your psp...

1. Have ChickHEN environment on
2. Go to the game part of the XMB
3. Go to memory stick
4. Start CFW enable
5. On the first time, press O button to flash files (Once only on the first time you run it)
6. Press X to activate CustomFirmware environment
7. The PSP will now go back to the XMB (i don't know if it's HEN or not)
8. If not, get back to HEN and you should now be able to do whatever you like with it


On the root of your memstick create a folder called ISO
Place all your ISO's and CSO's in there and you're good to go

To start you will get an error saying Game cannot be started returning you to the XMB
This is because you don't have a UMD inside the PSP, to fix this

1. Press Select t access VSH menu
2. Go down to the part about UMD's or games which is currently set to normal
3. Change that to M33

You can now run ISO's without having a UMD constantly inside the PSP

POPS (PSX games)

To Get POPS working and play PSX games,

1. Get popsloader.prx for 5.00M33
2. In the seplugins folder, create a file in notepad and save it as pop.txt
3. place popsoader.prx inside the seplugins folder
4. in pops.txt enter
ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1
5. You should now be able to emulate PSX games

POPs on 2.10

copy pops.prx and popsman.prx (from FW 5.00)to ms0:/PSP/GAME/CFWEnabler/Pops, and then choose "Enable Pops Support" from the CFWEnabler.

POPs file package

In the package, there is popsloader.prx and also all the pops.prx and popsman.prx files you can choose from for compatibility with games. There are pops from 3.00 to 4.01. Choose whichever revision is better for the games you want to play


To run Plugins

1. Create a folder on the root of your memory stick called 'Seplugins' (without quote marks)
2. Use notepad to create a file and save it as vsh.txt
3. Put all your plugins in the 'seplugins' folder
4. In vsh.txt write links to all the plugins you have so something like

ms0:/seplugins/(whatever plugin)

After you write a link have a space and write either 1 to enable the plugin or 0 to keep it off for now so ....

ms0:/seplugins/?????????.prx 1
ms0:/seglugins/?????????.prx 0

(ms0 is how the PSP recognizes the mem stick)

For CWCheat

1. Download CWCHEAT from here: Click Here
2. Find the folder cwcheat and put it in seplugins folder
3. Go to vsh.txt inside seplugins folder(Delete the vsh.txt provided) and add 2 lines:
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.prx 1
4. Go to game.txt and add:
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.prx 1
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1
5. Go to game150.txt and add:
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx 1
6. Go to pops.txt and add
ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheatpops.prx 1
7. Go to game, hold "select" for 3 seconds and wait till the menu pops up .
8. Enjoy!

Latest CWCheat Database: Click here

You can also enable any plugin in vsh.txt, game.txt or pops.txt through this homebrew application

That is a link to plugin config editor by Takeshi. Props to him


As it shows, for certain plugins like musichold and usbversion fake, they go into a vsh.txt. Other plugins that take place in a game like CWCheat go into a game.txt and things like popsloader.prx go into a pops.txt. ALL THESE .TXT FILES GO INTO THE SEPLUGINS FOLDER

Random Questions

Can this run on a 3k- Not Yet

Can this run on a 1k- Not Yet

Can this run on a 2k with TA-88v3- YES, that's what this is all about

Can this Brick my PSP- It flashes stuff so yes, there's a chance but there have been no brick reports yet

Can this run PSX games- Yes it can

Can this launch ISO's- Yes and this is what the controversy is about

Even though i have a TA-88v3, it says my PSP is not a 2000- You may not be using Davee's HEN. Try using Davee's R2 HEN instead of the unnoficial mod


Davee - creation of HEN code (not for the app, just my personal credits for HEN)
Dark Alex- Some of his code and modules are used
Makers of the GEN firmware- Some modules used
Xenogears- part of creation
Becus25- Part of creation

NOTE about ISO's The person who made this is seriously disrespecting Davee and I don't think that is right when he made this ISO loader but for the people who want to genuinely run backups, I have posted instructions

Post improvements or more Q's on this thread. Me and others could possibly answer them for you


Nice guide Shik. This deserves a sticky, as it should help a lot of newcomers out, and stop the same old threads being posted.


Although there are many spelling errors :-

This mean it can (missing an s)
Access Recovry menu

whateveryou loike

Press Select t access VSH
Go don to

and probably a few more i missed.

The (i don't know if it's HEN or not) comment isn't massively helpful

And the plugins section isn't detailed enough for new users ("create a file called vsh.txt" should be more like "create a text file using notepad or a similar text editor and save it as vsh.txt (txt being the file extension)"

Also the bit about Davee is unnecessary in a guide. Opinions are fine but not slap bang in the middle of a help document.


I like this guide it helped me alot....Even though I cant use it yet :angry:.


Meta Moose
Nice guide, I'm sure it will help a lot of people. I edited the title slightly to make it more clear. :)


Moose there is a link posted on the 2000 only cfw enabler thread that 3k is now supported but im not sure.


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I'm kinda busy now so i'll fix spelling errors soon (i wrote it quite fast)(tomorrow GMT)

Even if there is a 3k patch, i is reported as not working

I made it myself using info from the original thread using some extra intuition as i have a 3k not a TA-88v3 so i haven't used it personally


will do, i'll update with detail tomorrow as well


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My psp shuts down when loading this. I flashed the files, but when I press x to run it, i wait the 5 seconds, and the screen goes black, and then shuts off completely


That Guy I Am
I'm getting an error when loading Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?

error (80020321)
Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have the actual game, I want a backup so I don't carry the UMD.
EDIT 2: Fixed it, I just had to put a UMD in...lol Prinny UMD loading the Prinny ISO


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I'm desperate... Please someone help me...
My psp shuts down when loading this. I flashed the files, but when I press x to run it, i wait the 5 seconds, and the screen goes black, and then shuts off completely.
I'm load it using the HEN R2, and my psp is a slim ta-088v3