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Introducing points system (EXP) and cross platform leaderboards


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In my opinion, that would be too much manual work, instead of working on tracker features. And it would get too subjective/personal. How would Exophase separate "spam games" from easy, indie or short games? Every gamer has his own perception of what that would be. And it exists on all platforms, not just Steam.

Edit: And you can still get the top place, by playing games with rare achievements. Easy games are barely worth EXP now compared to how much it used to be in the past.
Oh yeah I definitely agree with the too much manual work point. There are a ton of games that full under this distinction and I imagine it would be hell for those attempting to do it. That said, I feel like there is definitely a big distinction between spam games and shorter/smaller games, but I understand why some cases may potentially be a bit indecisive.


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Hi, can anyone help me understand how achievements that haven't been earned by anyone are counted? I'm currently 1 of only 2 players tracked on Metal Gear 2 for Retro - I've earned 43/58, which includes every achievement that's been earned by anyone, and I'm showing 427 exp out of a possible 427, since the unearned ones supposedly count for 0 exp. However, I'm also showing only 45% completion, which indicates that unearned achievements do count toward completion %, and heavily so.


trophies that have not yet been earned by anyone actually count 0 points towards the EXP. However, for the completion percentage, instead of the EXP, the platform-specific point system is used. So for example for Xbox Live it is gamerscore, and for PSN it is trophy points. Thus, for PSN the completion percentage should always be equal to the one that PlayStation shows to you. Hence, to get 100% completion you really need to have all possible achievements. However, getting the largest amount of EXP does not require to have them all, but only those that have already been owned by someone else before.
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Hello, I have more thant 400 achievements on World of Warcraft (Blizzard), but only 1 EXP. A bug or is this explainable? Thanks !


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Hello, I have more thant 400 achievements on World of Warcraft (Blizzard), but only 1 EXP. A bug or is this explainable? Thanks !
My best guess is maybe the system is automatically thinking it is a spam game due to the amount of achievements in the game. It will need to be looked at by @x3sphere