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  1. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    KeyCleaner v1.4


    A new, easy to use app to show the state of the IdStorage in your PSP, and make corrections to common problems caused by the old downgraders (TA-082/86 only). Will dump keys as well.

    EDIT: 2007/09/16 v1.4 releared. This update adds key 0x45 to the list of keys it'll fix. It also creates missing keys before fixing them. It now properly identifies and analyzes the PSP Slim.

    EDIT: 2007/09/08 v1.3 released. This update fixes a few things found in v1.2, fixes more individual keys, adds cleaning to TA-079/81 PSPs, allows unpatching key 5, and allows the color scheme to be changed.

    EDIT: 2007/09/03 v1.2 released. Major rewrite, easier than ever to use, no external keys needed, can create keys if needed (for hard-downed PSPs), and the colors are inverted to make it easier on the eyes.

    EDIT: 2007/04/07 v1.1 released. Cleanups and support for different region PSPs.

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  2. XsavioR

    XsavioR Staff Member


    Testing done to verify this functions as intended

    Corrupted idstorage with idchanger utility from the assorted downgrades ,
    then fixed both with the onboard fix and with a keybackup.
    Hard boot

    Corrupted idstorage with idchanger utility from the assorted downgrades ,
    then fixed both with the onboard fix and with a keybackup.
    Hard boot

    Tested battery level check
    Verified it wont allow any thing to be done to a psp that doesnt need it.
  3. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    In case folks are wondering, I did all my testing on a TA-082 that originally had 2.60 on it. I've run IdStorageChanger so many times the last day it's not silly. :) After fixing my own keys, I then reran both the original idstoragechanger from the 2.71 DG, and the 2.80 NOOBZ DG. I also tested with USBHOSTFS-FIX, and my own idreset.

    About the only thing I haven't been able to check is region info... hopefully we'll get more info on that as more people all over use it, then we'll make changes if any are needed for different region PSPs. The best way to handle that at the moment is to use keys from the same region as your own when fixing with key files on the memstick.
  4. piratesale

    piratesale New Member


    What exactly are "Keys" and as long as I use the ability to fix keys without reffering to the memory stick, is there any chance of brick? Under what circumstances could I brick my psp?
  5. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    The keys are various settings stored in the flash. They are mostly low-level stuff that concerns the operation of things like the USB and WLAN. Screwing up the keys can result in the USB not working quite right, the WLAN hanging, brightness issues, or low battery issues.

    Generally, you don't want to mess with the keys. TA-082/86 PSPs need one key to be modified in order to run the 1.5 kernel. Old downgraders messed with more than that one key, so KeyCleaner was made to help clean things up if you ran one of the old downgraders on a TA-082/86.

    The new corruption-free downgraders alter the one key, leaving the others alone. You don't need to worry about KeyCleaner if you don't have a TA-082/86, or if you used one of the corruption-free downgraders on a TA-082/86.

    The one case we KNOW WILL BRICK the PSP is if you have a TA-082/86 running 1.5 (or one of the custom firmwares) and you put an original copy of key 5 back in key 5. The PSP will then hang when the 1.5 fw IPL runs. KeyCleaner will never write a plain key 5 to key 5... it ALWAYS modifies key 5 so that it is patched so that 1.5 will work.

    However, there may be other things no one knows about that could cause a brick if you wrote garbage to another key (say you wrote random garbage to key 4 or 6). Hence the warning.
  6. Blaq

    Blaq New Member

    I got "bad key 0x0043" after... That right?
  7. XsavioR

    XsavioR Staff Member

    yeah just means you need a .43 backup. The auto fix does not fix one of two keys 6 or 43
  8. spanishnugz

    spanishnugz New Member

    Please help.. a bit frustrated @ this point! :(

    ok... So my name is Phillip.. I have a brand new PSP I JUST bougth yesterday from my local game, I downgraded using the "corrupt-free" downgrader and when it finished I was on 1.5.. (not problems right?) any way, I went on from there to CF 3.03 OE-C right, and when I booted my Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS. off my memory stick, it crashed to black...all the other four games I backed up (by the way these are all legit back-up CSO's from games I bought legally) they loaded fine... its to my understanding that I i followed the "new" downgrader to the T instruction - wise I would not encounter this. If I run this fix.. will it fix all my keys necessary to run my back-ups? Im not experiencing brightness issues per-say.. my friend has 3.03 OE-c on a non TA-82 and his Metal Gear runs just fine.... I have everything working except Metal Gear, GTA VCS and LCS.... initially all I wanted was for these 3 to work.. I have like alomost everything you can think of on my new PSP (the one I had befor this 1 had the same trouble except I used the "old 2.71 TA-82 downgrader and was booting back-ups to a black screen as well, which is why I used my warranty and told the game store guy it was intermittently crashing to black and used my warranty to get a new 1 only to find out im back @ square 1 again! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe shed some light on as to where to go from here and/or what to do ... should I return this 1 too and use the "new" downgrader and then use the "key fix" or should I just run it now on 3.03 OE-C? Please guys I am begging you for your advice here... I am VERY devoted to all this and what you guys do is amazing!!! I am so happy for all of us right now as to all these recent breakthroughs have slapped a big ol' smile on all us gamers faces ...I mean that and I thank you for ALL of your hard work and efforts. Just want some knowledgable advice as to where to go from here... please..

    Luis~ OR OR


    I know this post is rather long but pleae do understand that I ve been tryting to get these three games to load since they came out and I've gone through like 4 PSP already trying to get my stuff to work right and YES I have tried loading a UMD in the tray and put my settings like I should - NO UMD enable and disable and still NADA.. region america and UMD region free and tried booting in kernel 1.5 and 3.03 and NADA.. please hrlp me some 1!!
  9. spanishnugz

    spanishnugz New Member

    oh and by the way...

    I ran the fixer and I swear to GOD that it told me and I qoute" you keys are TOO messed up for me to screw with..exiting for my saniy and yours"...

    please dude help...
  10. piratesale

    piratesale New Member

    Thanks for getting technical with me. (no sarcasm intended) So basically If i run the safe key cleaner that doesnt read from the memory stick I shouldn't have a chance to brick right?
  11. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor


    There's no such message in KeyCleaner. If you used one of the Corruption-Free downgraders, the keys are fine.

    Not being able to play certain ISOs is common on various custom firmwares and has NOTHING to do with the keys.

    Please consult a thread on ISO compatibility... maybe others have run mods on the file to get it to work... maybe they use it with a UMD disc in the PSP (no-UMD doesn't work for all ISOs).

    Correct. However, if you just use reasonable precautions in getting keys, you shouldn't have to worry about bricking either. The one sure-fired way to brick is prevented by KeyCleaner.
  12. kolfe

    kolfe New Member

    Battery at 12% issue

    Hi, Chilly Willy...

    I have a TA-082 psp 1001 wich downgraded from 2.6 --> 2.71 --> 1.5--> 3.03OE C

    I have the battery issue. When i reach 12% or less (The Green led start flashing) and i turn my psp off, the only way i can turn it on, is by reconecting the psp to an AC adaptor. This however not happen when i just hibernate my psp...

    I have run the Keycleaner program... but with no results on this issue.

    Previously to run this i have run the following :

    Id repair (from codes02)

    In fact when i ran the Keycleaner program, it recognize that i have ran the codes02, and told me to fix key05.

    Any ideas on this issue? I still have this problem...

    Thank you!
  13. kolfe

    kolfe New Member

    This message is from idrepair

    This message is from idrepair from codes02... not from Chilly Willy's Keycleaner....

    Check out the source code (a safe practice whenever possible) before running any program on your psp...
  14. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    The battery issue is normally fixed by restoring key 4. KeyCleaner doesn't checksum the keys at this time, so it might say okay when the key is not really okay. It currently does a minimal check to identify the key. It's possible your key 4 is whacked. Dump your keys and check key 4 against what is in HarleyG's doc...

    If your key 4 is the same as there, I wouldn't have any idea what the problem is. There are still many unknowns in this area, and better folks than I are still looking into it.
  15. TimTiger

    TimTiger Way to addicted to games.

    Even though I got a no questions asked replacement warrenty on my PSP I'm very cautious on brickin it. My question is how high of a chance do I have to bricking my PSP using this?
  16. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    Practically zero. As I said before, the one way KNOWN to brick is completely prevented by KeyCleaner. You'd probably have to spend all day messing with garbage in various other keys to find another way to brick. It's almost impossible to inadvertantly brick with KeyCleaner.

    I spent a couple hours using various combinations of the 2.71 idstoragechanger, the 2.80 idstoragechanger, USBHOSTFS-FIX, idcopy, and idreset with three sets of different keys, and my TA-082 is still running fine. I do what I can to test my stuff on my own PSP, and had two other people beta test KeyCleaner after I was satisfied with my testing, so I'm satisfied with it's reliability.

    The only part I couldn't test was alternate region PSPs where key 0x45 is different. KeyCleaner currently shows non-US key 0x45's as "unknown". An update later will take care of that, but it shouldn't affect the rest of KC's ability to cleanup the keys.
  17. TimTiger

    TimTiger Way to addicted to games.

    Thanks, I just ran it and it works great.
  18. kolfe

    kolfe New Member

    Idstorage key 5

    Great Info... Thanks...

    I have one question though...

    My keys 4 and 6 are exactly like Haleyg's. Key 5 however differs. And that's the key that KEycleaner repaired...

    Could this key be the problem?

    My actual key have the following values :


    Harleyg have the following :

    67 68 6C 43 01 00 00 00-01 00 00 00 CA D9 E3 9B
    0A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

    Why is that difference?

    Should i try to change ky 5 to Harleyg values without any risk of bricking?
  19. Chilly Willy

    Chilly Willy Contributor

    HarleyG's dump there is the method codes02 used to patch key 5... changing 67 6B 6C 43 into 67 68 6C 43. The method I use to patch key 5 is to simply invert the first byte, so I change 67 6B 6C 43 into 98 6B 6C 43.

    Either method is fine for making key 5 run 1.5 properly. KeyCleaner just converts the codes02 change into my change to try to keep it the same as all the "corruption-free" downgrader packages XsavioR and I put together.
  20. kolfe

    kolfe New Member

    Thanks for the info!

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