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Droid List of games with buggy Google play achievements!

Siblings is not obtainable.
Although the Guides option is not yet active on the site and there are no comments on achievements within the list itself, I come here to register games on Google Play that are having problems with the achievements, whether temporary or not, or something that was possible in the past and today it is no longer possible.

I will add over time the games that have problems like this, if you want to contribute to the topic just comment that I add to the list (I'm tired of wasting time and "dirtying" the account with games of this type, buggy and / or poorly done

List of games:

- BlockBuild : Craft Your Dream World (the achievement of placing a thousand blocks did not drop "Put 1000 Blocks", nor of breaking a thousand "Removed 1000 Blocks", nor of playing for 30 minutes "Played more than 30 minutes").

- Farm Invasion USA (Killed 500 enemies in one ride "Unbreakable").

- Little Krishna (open more than 100 mysterious boxes and earn "Surprise!").

- Little Ram (open more than 100 mystery boxes and earn the Believer of Fate").

This War of Mine Stories - Father's Promise (The achievement is related to the story mode, regardless of your choice at the end, it is not possible "Diary: The Truth").
OThe Reigns: Game of Thrones is not working any achievements. Google Play Games recognizes the game but does not unlock any, even if you meet the criteria. I emailed the developers but no response.

My Heroes: Dungeon Raid doesn't have any functional achievements. There is a Google login but no Google Play interaction as far as I can see. I messaged developers about this and they proclaimed they don't know how to help.
Poslední 4 achievementy za craftění run jsou buglé, vycraftil jsem už nad 100 různých run a stále nepadla žádná trofej za craftění run.
I don't know if this achievement is really bugged but I did the thing that the achievement says but I still can't get it

Edit: now I already have it so ignore this post
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Oddworld Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld Stranger's Wrath achievements stopped working since February of the current year.

Edit: I reported that issue to the devs and they actually patched both games!! so achievements work again. Stranger's Wrath has six glitched achievements tho: Farmer Harmer, Grubb Idol, Dirty Water, Go with the Flo, Dam Sekto and Regain that spring in your step

In Munch's Oddysee the only glitched achievement is the "platinum" one.

Also, no one's gotten the 100% in New n Tasty, so if you're thinking on getting all the achievements of the Oddworld games on android, do yourself a favor and play the other versions.
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5 [hidden] achievements are broken and unobtainable.
The 3 'play in tournament' achievements seem to be discontinued
The most recent update (as of 4-19-2023) has broken the game where after solving a puzzle the screen goes black and does not save, forcing you to 'force close' the app.
So at least 8 of the 24 achievements are broke. Another garbage scopely mobile game.