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New CXMB Install Guide/ How to make a theme.


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CXMB is a plugin for people that want themes, but don't want to touch their flash0.
Make sure you have 3.90M33, 3.71M33, 4.01M33 or 5.00M33.


1. Download the

2. Extract the CXMB rar archive, Locate and go into the "CXMB_FULL" folder, copy the "cxmb" to the root of the memory stick ("ms0:/").

3. Copy the "seplugins" folder to the root as well. (For those who already have an exsisting vsh.txt in the seplugins folder to this: Open vsh.txt, start a new line and add "ms0:/cxmb/cxmb.prx", save it and close it.)

4. [People with 4.01M33 may skip this step] Extract the prx rar archive, and put the three prxs into "ms0:/cxmb/support".
**[Note: People who isn't making themes can skip this step, as these prx files are only needed when you want to make themes.]

And there you have it. You can start making Themes, or use a few themes I've included. The links are at the bottom.
These are .ctf files, put them in the "ms0:/PSP/THEME" folder, Go to the Recovery Menu and Enable cxmb.prx. Now to apply the theme, is just like applying a .ptf file.


On the XMB go to "Settings" -> "Theme Settings" -> "Themes" and choose the theme you want. Unlike ptf files, the system will reboot. Then your theme is applied!

Making A Theme

1. First you will need:

2. Now find a theme you like and download it. I prefer themes from THIS site. It has to be a theme with .prx and .rco, not ptf themes. Now with the theme, you should also have:

  • A Wallpaper (.bmp, 480x272, 24bit True-color)
  • A Preview Picture (.bmp, 300x170, 24bit True-color)
  • An Icon (.png, 16x16, 256 color)
*Before I move on let me give you some tips.
1)The preview pic can be easy, resize your wallpaper, and add the theme name onto it. Save it in the correct format and Ta-da!
2)The Icon is a bit tricky, it's small, so what I do is an easy shape as the back with the First character of the theme name.

3. Now the fun part. I'll demonstrate with the theme "Circular". First open up the Theme Converter. In the information tab, type the Title and Product ID with whatever you want. I personally type out the theme name. For the version, put 371 if it's a 3.71M33 theme or 390 for 3.90M33 themes.

Make sure there are no space between the characters!

4. Make your way to the Wallpaper tab and locate your wallpaper.

5. Skip through other tabs and go to the last "Other" tabs. Locate your icon and preview picture.

6. Press F5 to export, and save the file with anything you want (Theme name is what I use).

7. Now copy the .ptf file just created and the "vsh" "font"(etc) them file folders folders in to "ms0:/cxmb/" Like below.

8. Open up "conf.txt" and change the line of text to "/PSP/THEME/XXXX.ctf " (XXXX Meaning the same name as the .ptf file you've just created).

9. Make sure cxmb.prx is enable, if not do it first. Make sure the console is completely turned off before putting the memory stick back to the PSP. Turn it on. When it's turning on, it's going to take a few seconds, don't panic! The system will be loaded with your theme!

In the same time, your ctf file is made. Now you can delete the .ptf file and the "vsh" "font"(etc) folders, as the plugin now runs off the ctf file in ms0:/PSP/THEME.


  • 371prx.rar
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  • 390prx.rar
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  • themeconvter.rar
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  • Precompiled_ctf.rar
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Thankx Bro Acerthief:w00t:,

Thank you very much ... for this guide ...:blushing:

but for forget 1 more step that need to actived the CXMB.prx VSH form the recover menu .. :blushing:


But I was committed after that birthday party...
I have a question, though... Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there native support for themes by Sony now? If so, why use CXMB?


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You mean ptf? Yeah, but they only change the icons.

ctf, however, inlcudes lots of prx and rco in it, so it's just like themes you have when you overwrite files in flash0. It's just that the new CXMB uses the sony theme settings to change the theme you want. ;)


Hi, I'm have 3.90 m33-3 on a slim, and have read through this guide several times but cannot get the .ctf themes to work. I have enabled it in the recovery menu and tried several themes. I have also tried formating flash one to reset the settings.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I also tried some .ctf off the site you linked to that were made for 3.90.
My problem is the ctf themes are not showing up in the theme settings.


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Make sure the folder is named THEME not THEMES.

Also if this still don't work do this.
Say you want jake.ctf as your theme.
well throw your jake ctf to ms0:/PSP/THEME.
Now go to ms0:/cxmb/ and open the conf.txt, and change the line of text to "/PSP/THEME/jake.ctf"

Now turn off your PSP completely, take the memory stick out, battery out, wait for a few seconds, stick everything back in and try it.


The folder is called THEME and i tried your instructioinsa and it still doesnt work. Is it possible that the FATMS driver patch, which i have installed, is somehow stopping it from working?


Its working now, I redownloaded the cxmb files from here and replaced the cxmb.prx file that you have provided with the one from this download and now it works! :biggrin:
You might want to check your uploaded files, to make sure that the 3.90 cxmb.prx is the right file.

Thanks for all your help.


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hello, thanks for the guide but i cannot seem to get mines working :(

i see all the themes at XMB -> Themes, i try to apply it, it reboots, but it's still the original theme from sony..

i'm using the compiled .ctfs you have here, any help is appreciated ,thanks


What firmware are you on? The precompiled ctfs Acerthief included are only for 3.71M33.


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need help

Hi there,
am using 3.71 m33-3 (phat)
followed the instructions above
place the ctf file (Circular.ctf) under ms0:/PSP/THEME folder
enabled cxmb.prx under recovery menu
power back up psp
still not able to see the custom themes (i.e Circular.ctf)
any idea why is that so?