New CXMB Install Guide/ How to make a theme.

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  1. ladygamer

    ladygamer New Member

    ahh.. i'm @ 3.90m33.. guess that's what's wrong :p
  2. ladygamer

    ladygamer New Member

    anychance you can convert em to 3.90 m33 ?? ;x ./puppy eyes

    lol.. thanks tho <3
  3. Jake

    Jake Member

    I had some issues with the downloads on the exophase server, try this download of cxmb for 3.71 from

    I don't think you can convert 3.71M33 themes to 3.90M33, but there are a lot of 3.90M33 themes here
  4. ladygamer

    ladygamer New Member

    thanks :) site is awesome helped a lot thx!
  5. Jake

    Jake Member

    No problem.:smile:
  6. umbro

    umbro New Member

  7. Jake

    Jake Member

    I'm unsure if theres a way to see if cxmb.prx is running.
    Try this;
    Go to ms0:/cxmb/ and open the conf.txt(create it if needed), and change the line of text to "/PSP/THEME/mytheme.ctf". Where "mytheme" is the name of the theme in "/PSP/THEME/" that you want to apply.
    Now completely restart you psp.
    If this is successful the theme "mytheme.ctf" will be applied.
  8. umbro

    umbro New Member

    Hi Jake,
    had tried it but still same
    btw the conf.txt will only contain 1 line which is >>> "/PSP/THEME/mytheme.ctf" ??
  9. Jake

    Jake Member

    Yes I believe it will only have one line.

    Have you tried multiply themes or just the Circular.ctf one? If not see if other themes will show up.

    And to see if cxmb is working, put a normal .ptf theme in the THEME folder, and see if that shows up in the theme option. If the ptf theme shows up then it means that cxmb is not working.
  10. umbro

    umbro New Member

    HI Jake,
    other .ctf files getting same results for me, basically not able to see any .ctf files under theme settings
    normal .ptf works fine even before cxmb.prx was enabled
    anyway had update version to 3.90m33-3 and enable cxmb and its working now
    seriously no idea why
    anyway thanks for the help and advices given
  11. thesorrowmgs3

    thesorrowmgs3 Custom Pro

    Nice guide, I had to read some of the reply post to sort things out, but very helpful.
  12. aero125

    aero125 New Member

    Problem enabling theme and poploader at the same time

    Hi anyone can help ?

    I encounter this problem of having both poploader and cxmb be enabled, and worked, at the same time.

    When, only my poploader is enabled, I have no problem playing mutidisc and my PS1 FF8 game works.

    When I installed the CXMB as guided in the forum, and enabled it at recovery (with Poploader also enabled), CXMB didn't work and I saw no CTF themes even though they were in the /PSP/Theme folders.

    When I removed the poploader file and reinstalled the CXMB, enabling it at recovery, CXMB worked fine and I could see all the CTF themes.

    However, when I put back the poploader file and enabled it at recovery ( with the CXMB also enabled), my poploader failed to work now and I couldn't play my FF8 using the earlier 3.3CFW setting.

    I'm still on 3.9M33-3, kernel set to 3.9x default.

    Both my poploader files and CXMB are in housed the same seplugin folder, with both the poploader and vsh txt files separate. I have checked both the txt files and they have the respective prx statement inserted.

    What's happening ? Is it because at any one time, only 1 prx plugin can work even though a few prx were enabled ?

    Thk u very much if anyone can offer any advise.

  13. davidw89

    davidw89 New Member



    But i can't find the themes :/

    I put it here x:\psp\theme (where x=removable disk of psp)

    and the psp cant find it :/
  14. aero125

    aero125 New Member

    Temporary delete the pop file from seplugin in your psp, exit usb, then make sure cxmb.prx is enabled in recovery.

    Boot psp up, and u should be able to see cxmb in your theme folder. It worked for me.

    The problem now is, u are unable to load popsloader. If u put back popsloader file into your seplugin, and then try to enable pops in recovery, your popsloader is still unable to load.

    To make popsloader works, you will now have to delete the vsh.txt and the cxmb.prx from your psp, then go into recovery to make sure pops is enabled, boot your psp up and aha ... your popsloader works again.

    My psp behaves in this way, unless a kind soul out here can enlighten me how to enabled both and make them work.


  15. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Have you tried using CXMB v3.2.1? The version in this guide is outdated... I will need to tell Acer to update it.

    Anyway, popsloader has never worked with CXMB enabled in previous releases, so it's a fairly well-known bug. The latest release of CXMB may fix this, however, I am unable to test as I'm running 4.01 M33.
  16. aero125

    aero125 New Member

    Hi x3sphere,

    Now I know why the two can't work together. I'll try the v3.2.1

    Thks alot.

  17. skidnix

    skidnix New Member

    PSP theme viewer

    Does anyone know if ther's a psp theme viewer to download?
  18. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    Updated the guide for 4.01M33.

    Don't have much time though, maybe someone can give me a fast test for me?
  19. lacrosix

    lacrosix New Member

    anyone know of 4.01 m33 XMB theme d/l sites?

    since most only have 3.90 m33 ctf that will not work on 4.01 m33 cfw.

    why is that when the file is still a ctf???? wierd huh
  20. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    I've included a site in the tutorial.

    You must realize that ctf file is a compacted file of flash0 theme files. Even though they are all ctf they include different prxs for different firmwares.
    Not weird at all :)

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