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360 Post your XBL Gamertags


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Jadeddisc feel free to add me. I am a gamer girl with like no friends


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Add me either to boost or play mp xENVxGAMERSKREW I have almost every mp game battlefield, destiny, callofduty, titanfall, halo, etc... if its mp I'll buy it if its sp ill rent it on gamefly


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Add me on xbox one gt:Aniya721 I'm 14 and a gamer girl. No one older than 16... I play mostly COD AW, Destiny and Minecraft.
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Hey there
Gamertag is St3phosaurus. I recently bought an xbox one and am playing through the Halo games now. Also love the assassin's creed games. But i'll give most things a go. Feel free to add me :) - Steph