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360 Post your XBL Gamertags


Los Doyers!

I play the popular games.
Gears of War, Halo 3, CoD4, CoD:W@W, l4d

I have pretty much every decent game.


New Member
henk is pro

my name is "henk is pro" .
i have gta 4 cod waw cod mw2.
i play cod mw2 and waw msot of the time (i think im very good in it :p).

add me and we can talk and do cool stuff :D.


now i finally hav an xbox. here my gamertag: spitfireuk1


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Finally got a Live account this morning xD Mine is: mysenritsu. The games I have are: Halo 3, COD: MW2, Fifa 10, and GH: WT. I'm not really good at Halo and COD, but I'm really good at GH :D And Fifa....I'm getting there xD


Bloodless Tatari
Well, I just recently bought myself a new 360 to replace my old RROD one (I don't have warranty anymore...and the last one I got sent RROD'ed on me not even a week after I got it), so I figured I may as well post here.

Gamertag is Inuzagi (big surprise their).


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i have a problem.
I another forums i can't seen my gametarg.
how to fix it ? please

That's totally dependant on the other forums. Quite a few forums like the Steam Powered User Forums disable images in your signature so that may be why. There are no issues with the exophase.com Gamertag showing up on forums that allow images in their signatures.


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got a new gamertag, its my indie developer account but i still have a full live gold account with it. look for covertCon


Meta Moose
With the merger just being completed I'm sure there will be a few more members that use XBL so this'll come in handy for them to share their Gamertags.

Mine is SmeshX, currently playing MW2 atm.


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covert_Con. Gotta new account to