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PSP Error Code List


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will that mess with the fw modd at all? also i now have a question about installing one of those internal hd packs its a 4 gig thing that i can install but i don't know if it will mess with my modding, please advise oh wise ones you have been oh so very very helpful i just got into this forum stuff and the info is great thanks for being here :biggrin:


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I don't think using that external hard drive would affect your OE firmware... really, only messing with your flash or other firmwares will affect your firmware.
What do those 4GB hard drives go for anyway? A 4GB memory stick can be had pretty cheaply these days...


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the 4GB Datel hard drive will work fine with OE. However, I do not recommend installing OE from the hard drive. The hard drive has really slow transfer speeds when compared to various memory sticks.


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Its probly something i did since it was my first time putting a psx game on psp.
I still dont know what i did wrong.

Didja follow the guideHERE?

It'll help ya if you're havin' problems.:thumbup1:


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I also get 80010002 error, except its when i try to load my backup iso of syphon filter dark mirror (psp game not psx). I have umd in and haven't messed with the settings, i have no clue what is wrong.


But I was committed after that birthday party...
Uh, I would think the error would have to do with a Popstation game not being compatible with whatever firmware they're runnin'.


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No its turns out to be a psp game which i backupped and it still doesn't run, oh well, never had this problem before till this game.


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80020321 - No umd in drive when no umd is disabled
80020321 - Ran a game that doesn't support NO-UMD* (DAX FW ONLY!)

Acerthief I said DAX FW ONLY for some reason right? XD

Btw..omg.. I quoted myself! :O

lol i saw the one without the (DAX FW ONLY!), but anyways there are two same codes in the list by the way, i quoted on top. the two has different definition but i guess you should make it into one.:laugh:

WOW three of your quotes in two replies. lol


But I was committed after that birthday party...