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PSP-Filer Suggestions


How about 7z support? The new NervOS comes with 7z unzipping. And when I try to read the UMD, it gets stuck (the game, but I can still exit it).


New Member
Three main requests.

1. Fix UMD reading in the 3.x kernel version.
2. Use the extra ram on the slim to increase the size of the ramdisk by 32MB.
3. Support moving files, by that I mean actually moving them rather than copying and then deleting the original. It should be possible to move files of any size provided they are actually moved as opposed to the copy and delete method used now.


New Member
3000 5.03 support?

I'd like to request support for the 5.03 M33~6 CFW. Seems to work on ChickHEN R2 alone.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Oh, also Dazneff OSK, that is all =)

Thank you medium gauge for your hard work.


I wish it didn't require 1.5 kernel to run!!!


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Well i have the same request like torch. :D
Also i want to know if it is possible to make a rar/zip maker.