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  1. S

    Paper Wings Achievements

    Hi everyone! I've known this game for years, and I absolutely love it. However, there's this one achievement, Kamikaze, that's almost impossible to get, I got a tip to use a bird that accelerates (the falcon) and it worked! But I'm wondering if any of you have any tips on how to do it without...
  2. K

    Achievement Hunting on Google Play is kinda miserable nowadays

    Is it just me or it seems almost a little discouraging? I don't say this to sound negative, because frankly there's still some great fun games to play on the Play store that you can earn achievements on and have fun with. But what I feel is whenever I see so many old classics either being...
  3. AlecsandroNS

    Other mobile app stores

    Are there any plans to add other app stores like TapTap? There are many exclusive games that only exist on these game stores and cannot be tracked any other way.
  4. Squarkz

    GPlay achievements not tracking

    I've been on this site for a while and in the past months I've been playing more games on mobile devices that have achievements. In the past, the achievements worked but since 2020 it stopped tracking my achievements from GPlay. I'm getting achievements in the games and I've even leveled up. I...
  5. Lolopin

    Mobi i got an achievement which didnt popped since 2018

    CoolStoryBob. Its about mobile game "Run sausage run!" and achievment "Die Hard".To get this achievment u need die from every obstacle, in 2018 game got update that made this achievment ungetable. You can see it in recent achievers, no one since 2018. To get this achievement, I just installed...
  6. ihsan

    How many of you played squid game mobile?

    Hi guys I want to know how I can create a game like a squid game for mobile users. The squid game is trending worldwide so I wanted to catch the trend. if you can suggest me developer which can develop a game like this Squid Game Check this out... let me know if anyone can be a game like this
  7. JoseskVolpe

    Gaming Dead Effect 2 - Who Needs Ammo? Guide

    Chapter 17 - Russian Trail To get this achivement, don't take any ammo box in the map. The best way to do that is to change your weapons to melee, paralizer or magic extension and refill your remaing equipped fire weapons or bows, then, use only melee, magic and paralizer You can get this...
  8. Gamingboy79

    Some google play games wont autologin

    Hi everyone Im pretty new to Google play acheivment hunting and was try to get some games done on my Samsung galaxy s10. Was just wondering if u was doing anything wrong when it comes to earning achivemnts on Google play. I have the box ticked for auto logging and some games don't do it. And as...
  9. IntensoFOX

    Critical question about the achievements and trophies of the same game on different platforms and devices!!!

    With the existence of several platforms and various devices, from the oldest to the new ones that emerge, the games, when achieving the achievements and trophies, prefer that they only manage to the same game, starting over again on each different platform and device , or if you achieve an...
  10. Rain.

    Droid Gravity Marsh - Celebrate! Achievement

    Game called Gravity Marsh has one achievement that seems unobtainable, but what i've seen on the leaderboards many people obtained it. I got past level 1-10 and have almost all achievements, the only one i'm missing is Celebrate! achievement which you can get by winning the game. Though level 11...