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Username change request

Hello, I'm not sure if this is an official thread for something like this, but it seems to be the closest thing to it so,

Could I have my username changed to fwdd? Thank you!
Hi, could my name be changed to "Vhapox". Thanks
This username is already in use on another account, is it yours? I can remove it if so.
Done, and changed the username now.
Thank you very much for the username change before. Sorry for the trouble but I was wondering if it could be slightly altered. Is there anyway you can take the second R out of Marrie for me? I'd really appreciate it.

New username would be "Mila Marie Rose"

Thank you so much!
On the leaderboard the name was VeinsDanser, but my actual psn name is ViensDanser and display name ViensDanser. Can you fix so that name on the leaderboard shows as ViensDanser also? Because when you click on it , it goes to the psn thats actually ViensDanser