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Username change request


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since I did not know that it was not possible to change the name after creating the account.
I would like to have a change to ferrum7536, please.


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Hi, made an error when creating my account. I should have picked my username to be my PSN/GT name. Can someone in admin change my name to Lexxurious. Thanks for you help with this.


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Hi exophase Team!
I had to use my Steam ID for the ''gamercard'' and I used my Steam name first ''dan2d3d69'' but did not worked and now my gamercard is showing my Steam ID.
I would appreciate a change on the ''Gamercard'' to at least my Steam account name ''dan2d3d69'' (that did not worked) or my current name ''Dan2D3D'' please.

EDIT: I used my Steam ID on Keenswh to be able to see my gamercard ;
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Hey, I changed my Xbox Gamertag recently so it's the same as my PSN ID. Please could my name here be changed so it's also the same? I would like it changed to TachikomaShiki if possible. Thanks.


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I signed up with the "Log in with Steam" button and I didn't realize my name would become this.

Could my name be changed to CtrlAltDestroy?


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Can mine be changed to "Kankuro"?

I got an error with the Email/UserName configuration upon registration and thought that name was taken, but it's not.


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May I have my username changed to JayMadIV, to match my actual Gamertags?

thanks in advance.
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