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What phone do you use?


MD Party Room
Lg Rumor Black...


i have a Samsung E250


New Member
Nokia 6610i.
Oh yeah. Old school. 2004.
It has the ability to SEND TEXT MESSAGES. And PHONE CALLS.
It has a camera but I'd advise against using it, as the photos produced are completely un-interpretable.


Pixel Princess said:
Yeah, major problem with mine is if the touch skreen gets scratched in a part it acts up if you touch the scratch.

Thats exactly why I don't want a touchscreen phone.


MD Party Room
My Ipod touch has gone threw hell but there no scratch on the screen.......

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
Sony Ericsson P990i

Quite a nice phone, touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, though I feel I don't need it all. Next time I need a new phone, I'll go for a more minimalistic one.