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What phone do you use?


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I own a Motorola ROKR Z6m.

Hacked so that I can use custom ringtones. Alltel ripped everyone off by taking away custom ringtones on the new ROKRs so that they can force you to pay for theirs. I have a lot of music on it, since its a music phone, so I can set any song to a ringtone if I want to.



I dont care too much about phones, and since it serves my basic needs, it fits in my book.


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I'm using a Samsung D900i. Nice phone, does everything I want except I can't put my own games on it from the Memory card.


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I have a reletively old Motorola 'PEBL', I got it off my twin brother after he dropped it down the toilet, because I couldn't be bothered buying a phone if I had one that was working perfectly anyway. It's not too great, and tends to have a little bug, in which it turns itself off from time to time, but other than that it's alright. It gets the job done, and it cost me nothing, so I'm not complaining.


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Vanden said:
My Ipod touch has gone threw hell but there no scratch on the screen.......

Because the screen is made out of glass. That's what I like about the iTouch and iPhone.


I have a Motorola Razr V3M or something.. I dunno what it's called. The classic Razr. I can't wait to get a new phone in December. It's crapping out on me, crashing all the time, the side volume button not working.... I'm sure it's my fault, but I still can't wait for a new phone.


I have a Nokia 6300, my brother gave it to me since he got a new phone. It's alright...


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Lately I've been wanting a new phone, but since I'm on a 3 year term (with 2 more years to go) buying another phone would cost a fortune.

Right now I'm sporting a Sony Ericsson w810i. Pretty compact phone with decent features. 3 megapixel camera, full mp3 capabilities, and a sexy sleek look. It has survived being in my bathing suit pocket in lake erie, and has survived many falls on various hard surfaces (sidewalks included).

I've had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever except for when it had a swim in lake erie. The little camera light that is at the top is now constantly on and causes the battery to drain in a day. At least the phone still works :D


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God damnit, I envy you guys that have a bigger selection of providers to choose from. I either get Alltel, or Verizon, and those two are probably going to merge.


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Verizon bought Alltel... SO yea they are...

and Verizon does have some nice phones...Once I done with sprint I might go with them..

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Vanden said:
Verizon bought Alltel... SO yea they are...

and [HIGHLIGHT]Verizon does have some nice phones[/HIGHLIGHT]...Once I done with sprint I might go with them..
Lol, no they do not.