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DS Emulation on PSP

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It says this data is corrupted even if we put it on 200over and where to put the rom

oh and where to put DeSmuME is it in game for PSP Slim


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Hey guys can someone help me?? Im not getting the guide.

Never mind i got it. LOL

God this thing takes long to load.


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wer do i put the games wen i download them? plz email me instructions at icg_66@hotmail.com

it said to rename them and put them in the 150 folder but it also tells u to copy the contents of the 150 folder to GAME or GAME150 but u only copy the contents and it works... if u try to copy the whole thing then it will say corrupted data on the psp... confusing


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<p>I'm sorry I'm using 3.90 M33 and this emulator can't work..
It written that "this game cannot be started the data is corrupted"
somebodY have any ideas?</p>


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<p>it doesn't work.... please show us an image for the filing system to your psp</p>
<p>Please we need it immediately :)</p>


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how to copy the 150folder? it has 2 eboot files

alpha said plz help me......................

Please don't double post.
As for the emu, it's pretty simple.
Just copy the eboots into a folder under ms0:/PSP/GAME150 if you have a phat PSP with 1.50 extensions installed

not sure for slim or 3k units

Also, why the hell won't this thread die already...it's apparently closed yet people can post away...
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