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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Sinfulfate, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Sinfulfate

    Sinfulfate New Member

  2. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    This game looks fantastic, I hope the gameplay can match the graphics its showing off. I'll be pre-purchasing this on launch for sure.
  3. Scorned

    Scorned Member

    Im pretty excited for the game, even though theres not much to go on.

    So far though, Versus has got my attention the most.
  4. Greyone

    Greyone Funny Little Green Ghouls

    Yeah that's the one thing i really want to see, the gameplay. Not just some amazing cg movie.

    My biggest fear is that there will be horrible lag and pop in, like The Last Remnant, because of the Unreal Engine.
  5. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    XIII and Versus XIII are running on Square's own Crystal Tools engine, not Unreal Engine 3.

    Also the issues with The Last Remnant aren't anything to do with the engine, it's to do with being limited to DVD. If you install the game to the 360 Hard Drive the slowdown (not lag) and texture pop in disappear, even the endless loading screens become tolerable. You still see some from frames dropped in battle but again that's hardware limitations. The characters are all fully detailed and often you have 15+ of them on screen. SE obviously didn't think to make less detailed battle models for when there are lots of characters on screen.

    Here's a trailer for each version from DKS3713 last summer that square didn't make available until December.


    Versus XIII

    Out of the two I'm most looking forward to Versus XIII but they'll both be day 1 purchases for me.

    Anyone after a little more in the way of Gameplay details for XIII should give this a read:
    More Details About Final Fantasy XIII Battle System, Vanille And The Demo | PS3Hyper
  6. Greyone

    Greyone Funny Little Green Ghouls

    @ Twelve

    Thanks for clearing that up for me :D

    I can now finally sleep at night, and preorder with confidence.
  7. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    I didn't say the Crystal Tools Engine wont have problems :p

    As far as I know all XIII trailers have been running on PC. Once it goes onto the actual PS3 hardware all manner of issues could appear. And then they have to port it to 360 after that.

    Lets just hope the engine is up to the task for the consoles.
  8. Sinfulfate

    Sinfulfate New Member

  9. Seth

    Seth MD Party Room

    I was looking for this thread I chouldent find it there search..

    I liked the new trailer..
  10. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    "In Production for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360"

    I thought production on the 360 version wasn't starting until the Japanese PS3 version was complete. Oh well I guess Squenix changed their minds again.
  11. Craig Fairfax

    Craig Fairfax illuminati Vereran

    I liked that trailer. I gives me hope that i'll enjoy a final fantasy game again for the first time in 8 years.
  12. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    The trailer did look good, but the combat looked a little iffy to me. I like RPG battles to have some weight behind them. Meaning that I like to see the strike animations actually effect the enemies, and if I remember correctly as I watched it yesterday, it just looked like some weak ass sword strikes.
  13. Nero

    Nero Mmmm...cookies

    Looks good so far but im more interested in Versus. Will get both of the games eventually.
  14. Sinfulfate

    Sinfulfate New Member

    Is anyone else planning to import the demo? I know I did, I hope the game isn't crap like FF XII.
  15. Abe Froeman

    Abe Froeman Gamer Dad Staff Member Enforcer Team

    What game do you have to import to get the demo? The last one was bundled with DQ8 right?
  16. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    Advent Children on bluray.
  17. Greyone

    Greyone Funny Little Green Ghouls

    I can't wait to get this. What is the ETA now? Is it still q4 2009 ?

    I'm going to wait for the Advent Children Complete American release. I wish I could remember the release date for it :\
  18. Sinfulfate

    Sinfulfate New Member

    Its Q4 2009 for Japan I believe so like Spring 2010 at the earliest for anywhere else. I'm not sure of the American release of the movie but I think its in June, the Japanese version of the movie has English voice acting so they just need to add subtitles for the American release which shouldn't take long.

    IGN got some more info about the demo and the game.

    • The game will run in 720p @30FPS and is being tailored so the text is readable for those with SD TVs.
    • It will support trophies and "other PS3 features" whatever that means.
    • The game is being tuned so that individual battles are tough and you won't win unless you think so after each battle you are fully healed.
    • The demo will have some slow down during battle but supposedly this will be fixed in the final game.
    • The major areas in the game are nearly done so now its just a matter of connecting everything together so the game should be on track for release this year in Japan.

    IGN: Final Fantasy XIII Update
  19. Trigun

    Trigun That guy, who Records Music.

    Fixed, please don't make your opinion look like a fact.I thought FFXII was a great game Honestly

    i'll pick up and i know i'll enjoy this game regardless, although i'm pretty disapointed at 720p only. I hope they put 1080i support in for ps3 users. i'm gonna get pretty pissed if us ps3 users are screwed over again without proper support for anything other than 720p
  20. agentnnc

    agentnnc That Guy I Am

    I never really liked final fantasy, I hate grinding. However, the trailer got my attention so this gets a rent in my book.

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