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Game Database Additions & Corrections


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What comes after, an Indie game is in the database for Steam, but I bought and played it from Itch.io and for PC isn't showing up, I would be grateful if it was added ^-^


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I think that removing them when they're still on the platform itself would defeat the purpose of a tracker. However, I shared with x3 an idea I thought of. We could mark achievements that are broken as Unobtainable and once you unlock all the obtainable, to be considered as a completion.
Is there a place where we can report unobtainable achievements?


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Unobtainable Achievements:

https://steamcommunity.com/app/360590/discussions/0/537402115096395515/ We discuss the broken achievements in this discussion. They've been broken at least since December 2016, which is when I tried to get them, but I don't think they've ever worked. You can see that very few people have them, and some admitted to using SAM (a couple even in the discussion linked).


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It is showing up for me but is hidden by your profile settings (Hide games with 0% progress) as there are 0 achievements earned.

Maybe you have earned achievements in the game, but we can't see them, as it's returning a error on Steam when viewing your achievements: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Panda-irl/stats/1074370/?tab=achievements

Typically this means you don't have the license for the game anymore. Can happen if it was a family shared game that you no longer have access to, etc.