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Post your internet speed

I pay for 8 megabit (1 megabyte). What I actually get is 6 megabits (780 kilobytes). Upload is a measly 380 kilobits (45 kilobytes).

I recently did a neat little trick to speed up my connection. Unscrew your master phone socket and disconnect the orange wire (ring wire). It is only needed for old phones. Doing this may speed up your internet. Before I did this trick I was getting 425 kilobytes and now I get 780 kilobytes.

For more information on the ring wire hack:


Champion of the Sun
I'm on 10Mb with Virgin Media, always getting top speeds which is a good thing. But for some reason speed tests don't work, they always come out with around half a meg =/


Champion of the Sun
I normally average when downloading around 1.27MB/s from rapidshare, which I'm happy with :)

El Xando

"Dam whippersnapper"
We pay Virgin Media for 20Mb, but it varies like mad. Sometimes it's full speed, sometimes it's under half. Right now, it's under half :( :

But this is what I get most of the time:


MD Party Room
That's what they call "high speed"? Sucks...

I have 10mbit down and 100kb/s up. I would do a speed test but my WLAN card caps the bandwidth because its freaking ancient.


Shockingly Delicious

I'll being changing ISP's next month (for the worse unfortunately)

But I've always wondered how do you guys get 10k+ kb/s speeds.
I don't know a single ISP in Canada that will give you more than 8k.
My schools internet is a solid 1 megabyte. Very sweet indeed. It just becomes too easy to acquire stuff at those speeds. Not a challenge like the days of 56k! lol.