PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33

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  1. x3sphere

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    Esteemed homebrew developer Dark_AleX has released PSP custom firmware 4.01 M33. In addition to minor bug fixes, this edition of the M33 firmware series of course brings 4.01 kernel support, complete with multi-language support for Recovery Mode. Instructions can be found in the included readme on how to translate the recovery text to your native language. And no, this release does not include in-XMB recovery or savestate support. As Alek noted last week, those enhancements are still planned but will likely be added in a forthcoming update.

    As usual, the firmware update can be applied directly via Network Update if you are running a previous release from 3.80 M33 and onward, or by following the manual installation instructions below, provided that you have a homebrew capable PSP.[blockquote2]* Extract the archive. * Copy included UPDATE folder to X:/PSP/GAME
    * Place the official firmware 4.01 update EBOOT, named as 401.PBP, in the newly created UPDATE folder
    * Begin installation from the Game menu.[/blockquote2]If you require a more in-depth installation walkthrough, look here. Additionally, a 4.01 M33 specific 1.5 kernel add-on is due to be released within the next couple days, possibly tonight.

    Download PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33

    Dark-AleX - PSP Developer [Dark_AleX]
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  2. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    HAHA, skipped 4.00 and went onto 4.01 right away

  3. bhutta1122

    bhutta1122 New Member

    <p>Alex U have done a great job by dominating sony. can u please give divx or xvid codecs</p>
  4. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    BTW, if anyone is wondering, a 4.01 M33 specific 1.5 kernel add-on is coming within the next couple days (possibly tonight).
  5. CoMbiNa

    CoMbiNa Wannabe Developer

    Hey, does the new recovery supports unicode and right to left text? (for foreign languages)
  6. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Right to left text shouldn't be a problem but I'm not sure if Unicode is supported. Best to just try it.
  7. CoMbiNa

    CoMbiNa Wannabe Developer

    I don't wanna upgrade yet.
    but what I mean in RTL text is:
    In English, we write from LTR, in some other languages, we write from RTL.

    Is that what you also mean?
  8. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Yeah I know what you mean. It shouldn't be a problem, Unicode support is the only thing I am unsure on.
  9. CoMbiNa

    CoMbiNa Wannabe Developer

    ok thanks.
    Can you explain me how the translator works?
    (Like, opening a source file and editing, or it's a text file etc...)
    Because I really don't wanna download this untill:
    1. My favorite CXMB theme will be on 4.01
    2. I'll insure all my homebrews from 3.90 will work with the 4.01 kernel (alot of NID changes as i've heard)
    3. That's pretty much all:D
  10. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    It's just a standard text file that you'll need to edit. Each line corresponds to one of the recovery menu items.
  11. Hanzo_f19

    Hanzo_f19 [insert custom user title here]

    <p>2 questions:
    1- Does the fatmsmod work with this CFW? (Or did Sony fixed it?)
    2-Does the popsloader work?</p>
  12. x3sphere

    x3sphere Administrator Staff Member Enforcer Team

    Using the patched fatmsmod PRX hasn't been tested, though it probably wouldn't work. As for popsloader, a new version is in the works.
  13. Hanzo_f19

    Hanzo_f19 [insert custom user title here]

    oki doki.I'll wait for a new fatmsmod :p

  14. Mravec000

    Mravec000 New Member

    <p>I just got my first psp and i updated to firmware 4.01 and when i try to install custom firmware 4.01 M33 (i put it in the right directory just like instructed) i get an error that says THE GAME COULD NOT BE STARTED. (80020148)</p>
    <p>What am i doing wrong?</p>
  15. Hanzo_f19

    Hanzo_f19 [insert custom user title here]

    <p>you need to have Custom Firmware to install 4.01 M33</p>
  16. oscare

    oscare New Member

    <p>mravec, you need a homebrew compatible psp to be able to upgrade to custom firmware. you need to use pandora's battery to upgrade to 3.90 m33 and from there upgrade to 4.01 m33.</p>
  17. Mravec000

    Mravec000 New Member

    <p>does anyone have a good guide how to use pandora batery?</p>
  18. Richlando

    Richlando Member

    <p>Today's my daughter's birthday so that alone makes today a beautiful day,but to get a new custom firmware makes it even better! Thanks as always're really not just an Illusion..</p>
  19. Hanzo_f19

    Hanzo_f19 [insert custom user title here]

    Now I'm curious. Do you know anything about this, x3?</p>
  20. icedman204

    icedman204 New Member

    <p>Thanks DA for the update, now leaves with this question. what is the "improvements" in video playback?</p>
    <p>Furthermore can't wait for the patches as well.</p>

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