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PSP Custom Firmware 4.01 M33

<p>As always when update arrives DAX's servers can't stand the pressure :)
Thanx Exo for mirroring the files, and for all you do to PSP community.
HOME PAGE for me ;)</p>
OK, I will update as soon as Large Original CXMB is released for 4.01 M33.

BTW, some1 tried Lua Player HM version 7 on this?
can i upgrade from 3.95GEN

Yes you can upgrade from 3.95 GEN. Someone already reported success in upgrading over at the FAQ forum.

@fearevil19: I don't know, most likely just for testing the region settings. He probably forgot to remove them.
For me the hide pic0.png and pic1.png option in the recovery menu wont change to enabled. When i press X on it, it doesnt change and the selection just goes to the back option.

Has anyone else had this problem?
<p>DaX is the best.</p>
<p>May you live a long life on this CFW forthcoming earth XD</p>
<p>ill wait till it a new version of popsloader comes out.. =)</p>
<p>Mravec000 says:</p>
<p>I just got my first psp and i updated to firmware 4.01 and when i try to install custom firmware 4.01 M33 (i put it in the right directory just like instructed) i get an error that says THE GAME COULD NOT BE STARTED. (80020148)</p>
<p>What am i doing wrong?</p>
<p>-yeah i have the same problem as you .</p>
<p>oscare says:</p>
<p>mravec, you need a homebrew compatible psp to be able to upgrade to custom firmware. you need to use pandora's battery to upgrade to 3.90 m33 and from there upgrade to 4.01 m33</p>
<p>- so i really need a pandora's battery too ? or else it's GG ? to upgrade ?</p>
I highly doubt It'd make a difference if you bought a new psp and made the 3.80(yes the new slimline models coming off the shelves are now embedded with 3.80 instead of 3.60). 3.80 OFW or 4.01 OFW doesn't make a difference. They both require a Pandora battery and a "magic" stick to install CFW. However, if you didn't even care enough to read and simply updated your firmware using network update while you're on a CFW that's lower than 3.80 M33, then I have nothing to say except "Sorry dude, you ownt yourself".
Actually, they ship with 3.90 as of four days ago when I bought mine. Nonetheless, 4.01 m33-2 is out now. Use the network update. 8)
<p>Well first of all, I don`t know much about psp modding or pandoras battery or anything like that. My friend modded my PSP for me a couple of years ago and just showed me how to get all of the "newly bought" games and emus etc working. Anyways, I "bought" a new game yesterday and it required a firmware update to work. I checked my current firmware, which was if I remember correctly 3.40. So noob as I am I tried to download and install the official firmware, which didn`t quite succeed. (I got the error message which has been refered quite many times in this thread) So... I did some random info gatherhing and came to the result that I need this 4.01 m33 thing firmware for my psp. I downloaded, installed it (Don`t think that I screwed something during that process. I may be a noob with psp`s but I am quite eduiqate with computers and I have done a lot of similar processes. Besides this is something a monkey could do if it wanted...) Anyhow back to the subject.. When I went to my PSP menu and selected the 4.01 m33 firmware and started the installation so to speak. My PSP`s screen went black and in the screen text strated appearing with the same font as in recovery mode btw. And the text says:
Unpacking... done
Please wait...</p>
<p>Now it has been there the whole night and I afraid that if I turn the psp off it will at least explode or something (that was not meant to be taken seriously)</p>
<p>So all that I`m askin is some help guys?</p>
Well I know I'm gonna regret asking this question, seeing as how people who were smart enough at the time not to upgrade their firmware think they are high and mighty, but I'll ask anyways.

I wanted to mod my brothers PSP, and I saw that he upgraded to the 3.95 OFW. I want to get a custom firmware, but frankly I'm just too damned poor to afford an extra battery and memory card, so I want to know can you upgrade 3.95 OFW to 4.01 M33? If not, are there any alternatives to pandora's battery for someone who has bills to pay and can't spend money on a 40 dollar memory card and battery?
can you upgrade 3.95 OFW to 4.01 M33? If not, are there any alternatives to pandora's battery for someone who has bills to pay and can't spend money on a 40 dollar memory card and battery?

You will still need a CFW PSP if you want to convert your own battery (soft-mod).
Hardmod not recommended.

Go to qj and search for an "newbie installer". That's what you need for the stick.
Be sure to use XP, not vista.