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UMD Compatibility List


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Great news: the new custom firmware 3.52 M33 has better no-umd support than 3.40 OE. Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground which did not work on OE now works on M33 with no-umd. I will test more games soon.


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Dude in 3.52M33 I think that pretty much every ISO is compatible as the use sonys plugin


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i have just upgraded to 3.30oe and downloaded res evil 3 but i cant get it to work it says no game saved or game corrupt any help plz thanks


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God of war - chains of olympus, Burnout: Legends both work with no UMD :)


The one behind second 5.03 exploit
I saw burnout legends,how about dominator 07


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not sure what no UMD is... but I use the M33 Driver on the UMD mode:

and I am able to play my back-up games, and they are the following:

- Jeanne D'Arc (sold that game already)
- NBA Live 08' (this game is sold already too)
- Midnight Club L.A. Remix (this game rocks.. great music)
- Crisis Core
- Super Robot Wars Portbale MX (this one is great, but if you can't understand Japanese, don't play it)
- DJ Max Portable (wicked game)
- DJ Max Portable 2 (even more wicked game)
I am still waiting for my DJ Max Classiquai Edition from Ebay.

that's all I can remember now... half of the games I have played have been sold already.. I have the habit of finishing the games and selling them.. only the DJ Max games are with me know and the Crisis core...