Multi Games that you are playing now or just recently finished

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by SC Shadow Blade, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. n8ofsp8ds

    n8ofsp8ds Member

    Yeah the Platinum not to bad to get just time consuming
  2. RevinSOR

    RevinSOR New Member

    Yeah, I just learned for the hunter weapons trophy you need them in your actual inventory and not just unlocked in the store. I thought I was missing something. That'll be an easy one when I get home from work lol.
  3. Matthz8

    Matthz8 New Member

    Tackling Dante Must Die mode on Devil May Cry 3. That shit's hard lol. Not even ashamed to use super dante and items.
  4. Dosto28

    Dosto28 Member

    I still have nighmares after the Virgil fight on Dante must die, it was so painfull, rage inducing and control breaking, probably the hardest boss on any action game ever.
  5. electoblaze

    electoblaze New Member

    I earned my latest platinum earlier today. It was my 18th platinum trophy: The Order 1886. I'm taking a short break (as I always do after platinuming a game) but I plan on getting back into Black Ops 3, which I've been neglecting, as well as Star Wars Battlefront (when the DLC releases this Tuesday) and some The Last of Us Factions MP.
  6. feistiestcoast4

    feistiestcoast4 New Member

    I fully completed life is strange last night and I am looking forward to season 2
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  7. PhoenixFG

    PhoenixFG Active Member

    Finished up Quantum Break and now playing Alan Wake!
  8. DuneDrifter

    DuneDrifter New Member

    Still plodding my way through Space Engineers, (cleaning the marauders and griefers from another friends server, and persuading them it's not worth the effort to return (with griefer removal scripts to help him stay clean)), part of our service from The Dominion PMC. :cool:
  9. Spam

    Spam New Member

    Pillars Of Eternity... Nearing the end, Taking me over a whole fucking year to finish it :'(
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  10. PhoenixFG

    PhoenixFG Active Member

    @Spam I need to get back to it!!
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  11. wildestdreams93

    wildestdreams93 New Member

    Currently trying to finish up The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 on PS4 :)
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  12. wildestdreams93

    wildestdreams93 New Member

    Alan Wake is sooo good!
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  13. Spam

    Spam New Member

    Where abouts are you at? I'm still on my first run.

    In Act III, about to tackle the last few quests and White March. Just did the Cued Nua battle. Really enjoyed that little storyline
  14. PhoenixFG

    PhoenixFG Active Member

    @wildestdreams93 It REALLY is! I'm enjoying it! I keep scaring myself!:p

    @Spam I have no idea! I'm going to have to start over for sure! I've gotten back into old school RPGs. I like the longer games for the most part(sometimes I want something I can finish in a day or two though!).
  15. Spam

    Spam New Member

    Old school rpg's are my favourite, Baldurs Gate II is my favourite game of all time. I never finished Throne Of Bhaal. Really need to do that one day.
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  16. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    Stein's Gate was the last one and i suggest it to people who like Japanese novels. Amazing story with mystery, love, horror and time travels :D
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  17. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Active Member

    Currently wasting my free time with Dante's Inferno
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  18. PhoenixFG

    PhoenixFG Active Member

    Just finished Uncharted 4!!! :D
  19. Survival Horror

    Survival Horror Active Member

    Are u playing on ps3 ? I want to do dlc's sometime :D
  20. NocturnalNL

    NocturnalNL Active Member

    yeah I have the PS3 version ;)

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