New CXMB Install Guide/ How to make a theme.

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  1. jx233

    jx233 Guest

    Well, since this is legal to do, and +rep is pretty good, I got the 5.00 PRX for you.

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  2. Maximz

    Maximz New Member

    ok im a bit confused on this

    my folders look like this
    | |-support
    | | |-paf.prx
    | | |-common_gui.prx
    | | |-vshmain.prx
    | |-cxmb.prx
    | |-vsh.txt
    | |-THEME/

    and i placed my ptf file in THEME folder but its not making a CTF file >.> i also made sure that in the conf.txt i changed it to the name of my theme and i made sure the prx is enabled then i read the read-me that came with the cxmb and it said to put the ptf in the cxmb folder i did that and still didnt work also i was reading your guide and it says "Now copy the .ptf file just created and the "vsh" "font"(etc) them file folders folders in to "ms0:/cxmb/" Like below" ...what vsh and font (etc) file folders ?

    also how would i edit the ctf onces it is made >.>? is there a certain tool that extracts everything inside the ctf so that i can edit everything? considering that all im putting in the ptf are 3 images...>.>

    Edit also im using a slim 5.00M33-3

    Editx2: ok i ended up getting the vsh font and etc folders from someone else's file the person whoever made frosted.ctf >.> and then it made my .ctf file but now i have all his stuff cept now its his stuff with my images >.> then i found out bout CTFManager and RCO editor ...but the confusing thing is how do u edit sounds and choose where the bar or where the icons go and how big they are (like in the FFVII crisis core one there were just a bunch of images up top and when u scrolled to it it centered and got bigger in size or in silk dream its all in the corner and the text is small and its a whole different font >.>) .....honestly i kinda wanna make a theme similar to silk dream just more of a StarOcean 2 based (kinda wanna put some dias,ashton,rena,milly, ratix, and welch icons in there also i wanna add the TV button cuz since i have a japanese psp i have that option and having nothing there is annoying ><...) i also wanna add a starocean type of opening screen and add some sounds from there also (if i can find any XD) if someone can help me or if someone could even just make it for me that would be nice and very appreciated
  3. keith_j_snyder2

    keith_j_snyder2 New Member

    I have PSP SLIM with TA-85 board & i 've just upgraded it to 5.00 M-33 update 6. I did the same as mentioned in the tutorial on the first page but i don't see any theme applied to it. Is there any special setting that i should follow?
    Earlier my 8GB MSPD wasn't showing the themes but when i switched it to 2GB MSPD, my PSP is showing theme but couldn't apply it.
    Can anybody help me with this?
  4. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    Where did you get the themes?
    and are you using custom theme files or sony's themes?
  5. keith_j_snyder2

    keith_j_snyder2 New Member

    I m using urs pre compiled themes from here None of the theme work. Not even those .PTF!
  6. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    Ah, these themes only work on 3.71M33, not on other firmwares
  7. hakk3r

    hakk3r New Member

    Does anyone know when an update will be released to add support for 5.50 GEN-A/B?
  8. gammatian

    gammatian New Member

    Tried installing CXMB 3.3 for my PSP Phat with 5.00 m33-6. The themes could load successfully but my games could not. It kept giving me an error.

    The games could load again once I disabled the XMB plugins. Any advice?
  9. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    What memory card are you using? Brand, Size, etc.

    Running this prx eats up a lot of reading speed, so make sure you have genuine cards.
  10. gammatian

    gammatian New Member

    Checked my memory cards

    Thx man! Changed my mem card and worked like a whistle. Nice! :w00t:
  11. Porfas

    Porfas New Member

    I have the same problem...
    When i click on Export, the program only creates a .pft file and not the folder vsh...
    Can somebody help ? Thanks.
  12. msdrocks

    msdrocks New Member

    not able to enable cxmb.prx..........plugins menu of cfwenabler only shows [vsh]

    help.......plz send me a message...

    plz ....trying to enable it around a month now!!
    ill be greatful thx!
  13. Acerthief

    Acerthief Staff Member

    be sure your on the right firmware and enable from safe mode
  14. msdrocks

    msdrocks New Member

    got it ....thx..!!!
    we dnt hv to load d m33 firmware.....aftr chickHEN.

  15. jonathan64

    jonathan64 New Member


    Hello i got 5.00m33 and it doesn't explain very well what to do with the folder named 500prx?
  16. WhiteBoy503

    WhiteBoy503 New Member

    does this work for 6.60 ME cause i want to make themes for my friends and stuff and if this doesnt can someone show me how or send me somewhere were someone could thanks alot
  17. idoomz

    idoomz New Member

    where can i get 24bit-true color images?
  18. idoomz

    idoomz New Member

    help pls... where can i find 24bit-True Color images?.. pls reply..
  19. idoomz

    idoomz New Member

    im finish with the instruction on installing after that i will apply my theme but i cant find it
  20. Seth

    Seth MD Party Room

    Has fluff made any new themes?

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